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As talked about in the prior Phosphor overview, we also been given two in their latest curved e-ink models: the P-0302 and P-0201. (The image on the appropriate could be the 0201.) With these watches, Phosphor has embraced the capabilities that differentiate e-ink from previous technological know-how, producing curved displays earlier unattainable. Although they differ marginally in perform and even a lot more in type, the two are rather similar in several means, as well as the preference among them is generally a single of dimension and magnificence.
Specs in common between the two:
38mm broad by 8mm thick scenario.Watertight to 50m (160ft).Stainless-steel case, mineral crystal.Equally are available with rubber, leather, or bracelets.User-replaceable CR2032 batteries.Toggle-able white-on-black and black-on-white show in all modes.
The P-0201 is described as "Digital Hour Clock Enjoy," plus the P-0302 is shown as "Digital Calendar Check out." These are generally really correct in describing their design differences. The 0201 is all about time, together with the numeric or nouveau hour-circle exhibit of the present time. In addition, it has glyphs for PM and "alarm on." Functions involve time mode, day display screen, alarm, and hour-circle manner. Observed over, this final a person is easily the most placing, exhibiting hours to be a notch in a ring with minutes underneath them. Putting, uncomplicated to study from throughout the space, nato watch strap and usually really practical. Just like every other e-ink watch, the moment a moment all the display screen redraws itself in inverse, creating for just a spectacular and sometimes distracting screen because the complete encounter redraws in white or black prior to including the mode screen. Individuals will see whenever you wear these!
The P-0201 review device could be the version on the rubber strap. It truly is 24mm, non-tapering, dual-tang-buckle, and really relaxed. To the inside of the strap, the Phosphor name is printed: a good approach to give grip and texture. On my 7.5″ wrist, the curvature from the watch is useful, low-profile, and sleek. The situation has hooded lugs and straight spring bars which make for an integrated look I fairly like. The sides from the case are polished rolex watch sale , and the top brushed which is attractive without causing too a lot of specular reflections. The curvature from the display screen and crystal takes getting used to and is a nice demonstration in the new capabilites of e-ink. (A curved LCD is darn near unachievable.) Overall, it is a putting, but not flashy view. I pretty enjoy wearing it.
The P-0302 is larger than the 0201, as you can see from the comparison photo. It is really 12-15mm longer, with a shape closer to a bracelet than a enjoy. Around the contrast-stitched leather band, the larger circumstance makes an attention getter with its placing experience of displayed calendar.
(I apologize for the pictures; the extraordinary curvature makes reflections unavoidable.) The 0302′s modes are simpler and different from the 0201 - the larger 0302 is oriented around the calendar display screen of the month, with all the existing day underlined and the days with the week at the top of your exhibit. Beneath that are two horizontal areas used to display several hours (larger) and minutes (smaller, opposite color). You can also have it just screen the day in large digits, which is clever but kind of useless for timekeeping.
The type of your 0302 is a bit dressier too, with screwed lugs, twin round buttons on the appropriate side, and wider bezels. The longer case shows off the curved display screen all the more than the 0201 which looks really cool if you're a tech-watch fan like I am.
The 24mm leather strap is high-quality, with finely spaced holes, thorn buckle, and dark orange stitches. On my wrist, the 0302 wraps extra (as observed), but remains snug. Surprisingly, the 0302 lacks the alarm functionality of the 0201. Another odd design preference may be the calendar - it simply starts during the upper left, day 1 first, so there's no visual indication of the day from the week. Since this differs from how a calendar is usually printed, its something you'll have to relearn.
All e-ink watches lack illumination, and are therefore not readable inside the dark. Since the e-ink displays are opaque, Phosphor will have to use front lighting, which is a bit additional of an engineering challenge. Similarly, panerai swiss replica sub-display solar panels won't work either, so don't expect to see solar-powered e-ink soon. (Bezel or rehaut panels might work if the power consumption numbers add up.)
I was expecting to prefer the 0302, but after wearing them a couple of weeks, the 0201 has won me over. The show of time, in either stark numeric minimalism or hour disc, is readable at a glance, and elevates this view to usable instead of mere novelty. The difference in dimensions is notable but not a big factor in don comfort, so if perhaps your job requires you to be far more aware in the day and day, you'd like the 0302 better. The price difference is negligible; list prices for these two are $175 and $195 for the 0201 and 0302 respectively. Either just one makes a nice conversation piece, given that the curved e-ink screen is eye-catching and new. I'm impressed with all the design and execution on these, and look forward to seeing what else Phosphor can do together with the new capabilities e-ink brings to timekeeping exhibit.
Our thanks to Phosphor PR for the supply of these evaluation units; always appreciated.
By Paul Hubbard
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